As with many ceramic products, tableware relies on the consistency and purity of the raw materials. These are chosen for their properties during forming and firing as well as their aesthetics.

Whether it’s for artistic ware, earthenware, stoneware, vitreous china, bone china, hotelware or porcelain, we’ll develop the optimum combination of body raw materials for you.


Minerals for body

The choice of body raw materials is driven by the properties desired during the key manufacturing stages and the final aesthetic properties required in the ware.

We work with our customers to understand their goals before developing an optimum combination of body raw materials including:

  • Plastic clay
  • Kaolin
  • Nepheline
  • Feldspar
  • Pegmatite
  • Wollastonite
  • Prepared ceramic bodies

Some of the key attributes of our products:

  • Low colouring oxides for improved whiteness and aesthetics
  • Superior green and fired strength for improved workability production yields
  • Controlled rheology and high fluidity for improved casting performance
  • Controlled thermal properties to reduce pyroplastic deformation


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