Sibelco high quality Olivine may be used as a cost effective slag conditioner for the production of pig iron, either as a component in the sinter feed or as an aggregate to condition the blast furnace. Olivine may also be applied as a mix with iron ore to produce fluxing pellets for direct charge to the blast furnace. Olivine offers enhanced MgO contribution as compared to other basic slag conditioning minerals, including dolomite, magnesite and serpentine.

The Olivine in our products will give high refractoriness combined with interesting thermal properties. Sibelco’s steel mineral portfolio is divided into three main categories:

Metallurgical Grade Olivine

Olivine can be used as a source of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) for cost effective slag conditioning of the blast furnace in pig iron production. The Olivine, MgO, may enter the blast furnace through several alternative routes:

  • As a component of the Sinter feed
  • As a component of Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets
  • As an aggregate for Direct Charge

Tundish Wear Lining

  • Wet spray masses
  • Dry product – cold setting
  • Dry product – thermal setting

Engineered EBT aggregates

Olivine tap hole fillers for efficient and reliable bottom tapping of Steel from Electric Arc Furnaces:

  • Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT)
  • Other bottom tapping designs

Other products

  • Products for steel ladle gunning
  • Olivine/MgO based castables
  • Olivine based concrete
  • Special products for ferro alloy runners and ladles
  • Ramming product for bottom in aluminium electrolysis cells

Sibelco steel brands include:


Our Oliflux range of products can be used for the Sinter feed, as a component of Fluxed Iron Ore pellets and as a Direct Charge to the blast furnace.


Our Thermtech range of products can be used as tap hole fillers in electric arc furnaces.

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