Mineral quality and consistency are critical in the production of sanitaryware, playing a major role in both the casting and firing stages of the manufacturing process.

For casting, the choice of minerals determines cast thickness, workability and shrinkage. In the firing process, minerals influence vitrification, strength, shrinkage, thermal expansion and colour. Our product portfolio meets all the mineral requirements for the three main types of sanitaryware - porcelain (vitreous china), fine fire clay and fire clay.

Mineral Portfolio:

Our sanitaryware mineral portfolio is divided into three main categories:

Plastic Materials

Bind a mass together so that it can be modelled and then hold its shape when dried:

  • Plastic clay blends
  • Refined ball clays
  • Refined kaolins
  • Red-firing clays
  • Prepared ceramic bodies


Control thermal expansion and shrinkage and also allow the body to breathe during firing:

  • Silica sands and flours
  • Cristobalite
  • Dolomite


Reduce the fusion temperature of the ceramic body and generally form glasses if heated to a sufficiently high temperature:

  • Feldspar
  • Nepheline syenite
  • Pegmatite


The next step in ball clay evolution

As the world’s first genuinely semi-refined clay, the SanBlend® V Range opens new blending possibilities for sanitaryware manufacturers worldwide.

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