Road Construction

Road Construction

Our fillers for asphalt layers provide predictable and optimal performance properties of asphalt roads. We offer fillers for the total range of each specific  asphalt layer. Their main function is to increase the performance of the asphalt, including durability, stability, low temperature production and acid resistance . All our fillers are delivered with a product quality certificate supplied by an independent third party, securing the necessary performance for our clients. Click here for more information.

Our range of road construction minerals includes:

  • Composite fillers (fillers produced using a combination of selected primary and secondary minerals)
  • Calcium carbonate fillers

In addition to our fillers for asphalt layers, we offer a wide range of mineral products for the road and rail construction. These include:

  • Calcium and alumina vitreous silicates
  • Quartz sand


Wigro LT

Low temperature asphalt with a minimal investment. Based on natural zeolite, it offers:

  • CO2 reduction by lower energy consumption
  • Less odour
  • Healthier work conditions

Quartz Sand M

White sands, to be used with coloured liquid asphalt.

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