High temperature environments require minerals with exceptional refractory properties. Minerals and refractory products intended for usage in direct contact with hot liquid steel also need to exhibit high refractoriness and high resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses.

The choice of minerals within the steel producing industry determines both the service length of the protective refractory products used as well as the final quality of the resulting steel.

Sibelco’s refractory Olivine grades produce insulating linings in continuous steel casting and offer better insulating properties than comparable refractory raw materials such as dolomite.

Sibelco’s refractory magnesia grades are used in MgO-C, MgO-Dol, MgO-Spinel, MgO and AMC bricks as well as in special high-grade monolithics for the most severe areas in EAF, converters and ladles. They offer various advantages over other natural grades from macrocrystalline deposits as well as synthetic grades.

Sibelco offers a range of minerals for refractory applications, including:

QMAG Electrofused and Deadburned Magnesia

QMAG’s electrofused and deadburned magnesia grades are used in high quality MgO-C, MgO-Dol, MgO-Spinel, MgO-Chrome, MgO and AMC bricks in various zones (including the slag zone) of ladles and EAF as well as in converters to achieve superior slag resistance against steelmaking slags. Unlike other sources, all grades are double burned and are consistent in quality due to strict quality control and origin from the same high quality cryptocrystalline deposit in Australia. They feature large crystal size, high density, high C/S, low iron and hardly detectable levels of boron.

Refractory Grade Olivine

Our high refractory value Olivine fillers and aggregates can be used in various refractory products within the steel industry to withstand chemical attack, increase impact strength and thermal stability, and improve insulating properties.

Our refractory grade Olivine is suitable for:

  • Insulation linings in continuous steel casting (Tundish), and in linings of steel ladles
  • Casting Powders
  • Fired and chemically bonded basic refractory shapes
  • Spray and ramming mixes
  • Castables, repair mixes and mortars

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