Polymers and rubber

Polymers and rubber

Whether you’re looking for reinforcement or insulation, transparency or IR absorption, opacity or durability, we offer choice and flexibility through a range of leading product brands. Our unique range of mineral fillers and additives delivers real benefits across a range of applications, including:

  • Plastic films
  • Plastic and rubber compounds
  • Masterbatch
  • Silicon rubbers
  • Bituminous and synthetic roofing
  • Transformers and insulators
  • Pipes
  • Fibre reinforced polymers
  • Tyres
  • Frictions
  • Gaskets
  • Plastic reinforced fibreglass

Our range of minerals for polymer and rubber applications includes:

  • Barytes
  • Nepheline Syenite
  • Quartz
  • Talc
  • Wollastonite
  • E-glass
  • Cristobalite
  • Chromite
  • Magnetite
  • Talc

We offer an extensive collection of branded products for polymer and rubber applications, including:

Tital – micronized talc

Our Tital product range is characterised by its whiteness and high lamellarity. It is an ideal filler for reinforcement of automotive parts such as bumpers, dashboards, trims and interior panels. Tital provides better rigidity, scratch resistance and shape retention and reduces shrinkage, especially in polypropylene and polyamides. The high purity and absence of any black spots makes Tital suitable as an antiblocking agent and nucleating additive for PE, PA and PP.

Casiflux – acicular wollastonite

Casiflux consists of fine-grained, high aspect ratio wollastonite. It has been developed for applications demanding increased strength, abrasion and heat resistance. Casiflux is used in automotive applications such as passenger compartment trims, instrument panels, bumpers, air conditioner/ heater housings, battery support trays and wheel covers. In addition, Casiflux is used as a partial replacement for glass fibre in reinforced plastics and resin composite applications (SMC/BMC and RRIM).

Sibelite – engineered mineral fillers

Sibelite functional fillers are engineered materials produced by high temperature modification of quartz. This treatment produces cristobalite, an extremely white mineral with low yellowness. These unique colour properties combined with the natural stability of the mineral benefit a variety of applications in thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

Silverbond – crystalline silica flour

Silverbond silica flour offers formulators a combination of high hardness and chemical resistance, improving durability and performance in resin-based applications. Engineered particle sizes provide optimal packing and reduced viscosity. The low impurity levels of Silverbond as well as other inherent properties of quartz will lead to low electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. These are especially valuable in compounds for electrical applications such as dry transformers and switchgear.

Minbloc – plastic film additive

The Minbloc product range offers performance and value in plastic film applications. In packaging film, Minbloc offers high clarity and effective antiblocking performance due to the selected refractive index and engineered particle sizes.

Minbloc has a low absorption of other film additives. In horticultural film, Minbloc offers excellent IR absorption and low thermicity. It also has low metal and trace element content, which prevents UV degradation of the film and allows use in food contact applications. Using Minbloc it is possible to produce one layer PET bottles for drinks, obtaining a nice optical aspect as well as the required UV and oxygen blocking.

Portaryte – barytes

Portaryte combines high specific gravity and low binder absorption with easy dipersability. This makes it an ideal filler for soundproofing in polypropylene and polyethylene drainpipes and in automotive applications such as air inlets and panels under the bonnet. The high purity and chemical inertness of the material results in excellent durability of the end product.

The high brightness types make it an effective opacifier for polycarbonate sheets. The low quartz content of Portaryte results in low abrasivity, reducing wear on production equipment.

PortaferM – Magnetite

The exceptionally high density of magnetite makes Portafer M the filler of choice for sound deadening in automotive and domestic applications. Its ferro magnetic properties also make it ideal for heatable compounds.

We also offer a selection of products for flame retardant applications, which you can find here.

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