Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Sibelco is the world’s largest producer of hydraulic fracturing sands. Building on the extensive experience and resources of our energy division in North America, we’re investing heavily in developing new infrastructure to support the European shale gas industry.

We’re currently producing UNIFRAC® Hydraulic Fracturing Sands in four countries (Belgium, France, Russia and UK), drawn from premium quality silica sand reserves of exceptional purity and structural integrity.

Products are delivered to you via our extensive Europe-wide supply chain, on time and to your exact specification – no matter where in the world you are.

All our products are manufactured to rigid quality control standards and are backed by specialist technical support and local customer service.


UNIFRAC® Hydraulic Fracturing Sands are produced from geologically mature quartz sands. Inherent physical and chemical properties are further enhanced in repetitive processing to yield highly permeable and structurally sound fracturing proppants. These durable sands will not degrade during handling or pumping and feature low surface tension properties that minimise proppant induced friction in high shear jobs.

UNIFRAC® performs without screening out or closing off the frac. Excellent initial and retained conductivity under increasing and cyclic closure stress is attributable to the uniquely occurring geometry and structural integrity of these monocrystalline quartz sands. Smooth, spherical surfaces evenly distribute closure pressure and cushion the reservoir interface to minimize embedment in the perforated layers for highly productive frac lengths. Excellent suspension properties make UNIFRAC® ideal to extend the proppant pack in longer laterals to maximise hydrocarbon recovery.

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