Land Remediation / Blueguard

Land Remediation / Blueguard

Our range of environmental products is developed to sustain and protect essential assets like clean water and soil. Our products are 100% natural and suitable for in-situ treatment. This means a lower cost of transportation and lesser environmental impact.

We offer a wide range of minerals for land remediation including:


Olivine is used in environmental applications thanks to its superb capacity to bind heavy metals. The majority of products in our Blueguard® product portfolio are based on Olivine.


Bentonite is used as a geological barrier when building landfills and waste deposits.

Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is a liquid solution with pH between 10.5-12, used in rivers to adjust pH and to protect our valuable wildlife.

Filter Sand

We can deliver high quality filter sand to water treatment projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our Blueguard® range can be customised to your exact requirements and used effectively for a wide range of applications, including:

Soil Management and Water Treatment

Blueguard actively adsorbs heavy metals and organic compounds from contaminated waters. Products in the range work as contact filters or physical barriers to trap contaminants from surface water, railways, shooting ranges and waste piles.

Reactive Capping

Blueguard effectively adsorbs water-borne toxic compounds from contaminated sediments/ seabeds. Blueguard prevents leaching of toxic compounds sediments, producing an effective cap, which contributes to a faster re-establishment of benthic fauna.


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