The choice of sand for core and mould making is a vital consideration for foundries. Consistent quality over time is of major importance in order to avoid variations that could lead to scrapped castings. It is also vital that the right product is used for the right purpose, as parameters like size of castings, casting temperature, type of metals in the castings and production equipment demand different solutions.

Our portfolio of products meets a wide range of customer requirements including chemical composition and grain size and distribution

We offer a range of core minerals for foundries, including:

  • Silica sand
  • Silica flour
  • Cristobalite flour
  • Olivine sand
  • Chromite sand
  • Zircon sand
  • Zircon flour
  • Resin coated sand
  • Bentonite
  • Vermiculite
  • Waterglass binders
  • Ester harderners
  • Refractory lining/ Finmix
  • Cemset refractory concrete

Our Foundry brands include:

  • Baskarpsand (silica sand)
  • Incast (olivine)
  • Flotex (waterglass)
  • Finmix (refractory lining)
  • ThermTech Cemset (Olivine)

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