Engobes and Glazes

Engobes and Glazes

Often critical to a product’s quality and aesthetics, engobes and glazes rely on minerals that are not only consistent during processing but also offer flexibility in the final design.

Using our diverse product portfolio, we work with you to develop the optimum combination of minerals and prepared engobes for use in a wide range of applications, including sanitaryware, tiles and structural ceramics.

Minerals for glaze

The choice of glaze or engobe raw materials is often driven by the properties needed during their manufacture, customer application or the desired final aesthetics of these ceramic coatings. We work with our customers to understand their goals before developing an optimum combination of body raw materials, including:

  • Plastic minerals
  • Quartz
  • Fluxes
  • Additives and colourants

Some of the key attributes of our products include:

  • Low colouring oxides for improved whiteness and aesthetics
  • Controlled rheology and high fluidity for improved casting performance
  • High purity additives to optimise formulations


Ideal for specialised applications such as spray-dried engobes for roof tiles, these are individually designed to your production body and process and include a wide range of colours.


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