Minerals play an essential role in the production of high quality glass. That’s why, as one of the world’s leading providers of glass raw materials, our commitment to quality is as strong as yours.

We’ve been a key player in the development of the global glass industry, working with customers across all sectors to deliver innovative, market-leading products. Initially focused on the supply of silica sand for Belgium’s major glass producers, we have grown into a truly multinational business, today operating over 220 production sites in 41 countries, with a multi-mineral portfolio that encompasses:

  • Melting sands
  • Alumina bearing minerals
  • Dolomites
  • Colourants
  • Boron carriers
  • Glass cullet

Melting Sands

Our glass sands are sourced throughout Europe and North Africa. Unrivalled geological and processing know-how coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our end customers’ individual requirements enables us to deliver optimum solutions for the most demanding glass chemistries and processes.

Silica Flour

For advanced melting technologies and higher temperature glass melts, we supply a range of silica flours via milling plants throughout Europe. 

Alumina-bearing Minerals

Sibelco is a leading provider of minerals for soda lime silica glass production. We produce a range of key raw materials including nepheline syenite, feldspars and feldspatic sands.

Nepheline syenite is a high alumina-containing alkali alumina silicate. Superior alumina to iron ratios, high alkali content and very high stability of chemistry and particle size all provide excellent glass batch melting properties and colour control.

Feldspars are also excellent alumina bearers with outstanding melting properties. The premium grades have very low colouring oxides. Our locally supplied feldspatic sands also possess superior melting properties, enabling customers to reduce energy consumption.


As a partner to the glass industry we work continuously to find new solutions for our customers. We recognise cullet as an important raw material for the industry and so we’ve invested in our specialist glass recycling company, Sibelco Green Solutions. 

Operating eight state of the art production units, we provide more than one million tonnes of cullet per year, which is recycled back into the glass value chain, lowering energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions and increasing the pull of the furnaces for producers of glass insulation, glass containers and flat glass.

Glass Colourants

Our portfolio of glass colourants includes leading brands such as Portafer®, Mangalox® and Portachrom®. For amber glass bottles, customers rely on Portafer® for colour stability.

Portachrom® (chromite) is the pigment of choice when producing green container glass whilst Mangalox® (manganese dioxide) is used as a pigment for purple and black bottle production.

Glass Grade Dolomites

We produce glass grade dolomites, all with controlled and low decrepitation levels and exceptionally low iron levels.

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