Cleaner Energy

Cleaner Energy

We’ve been using biomass (the energy stored in organic matter) as a source of energy ever since man started burning wood to cook and to stay warm.  Today bioenergy accounts for more than half of Europe’s renewable energy production and is growing faster than any other source.

Producers use fluidised bed technology to create bioenergy through two production routes – combustion and gasification.  This process is made more efficient by adding certain mineral materials to the boiler bed.  Over the past two years we’ve worked closely with boiler manufacturers in developing an optimum combination of mineral products which deliver a range of physical and chemical benefits.

In terms of physical benefits, the mineral bed materials ensure a good spread of fuel inside the boiler with improved heat transfer, qualitative air/gas flow and temperature control.  The bed material also controls chemical reactions, preventing formation of sticky particles, limiting NOx emission production and extending the equipment lifecycle through reduced corrosion.

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