• The next step in ball clay evolution

    As the world’s first genuinely semi-refined clay, the SanBlend® V Range opens new blending possibilities for sanitaryware manufacturers worldwide.

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  • Back to Nature

    Our mineral products are playing a vital clean-up role in Norway’s largest ever natural restoration project.

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  • Cleaner Energy

    Bioenergy is Europe’s fastest growing renewable energy source and is harnessing Sibelco minerals to make the production process more efficient.

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  • Greener Paint

    We’re helping paint manufacturers maintain quality whilst reducing the level of VOCs

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  • Multiple minerals from a single source

    We work with you to develop the best solution from our extensive multi-mineral portfolio, extracted and processed at locations across Europe.

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  • Superior Casting Performance

    Our SanBlend® range of refined plastic clays helps sanitaryware manufacturers reduce waste and gain greater casting stability and consistency.

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Get more from minerals

Welcome to Sibelco Europe. As a leading provider of industrial minerals we transform natural raw materials into quality products that bring value to customers across a wide range of industries.

Our vast mineral portfolio and extensive customisation abilities mean you get the right mineral for every job. And with specialist technical support and local customer service, we ensure you always get the most from our minerals wherever you are in the world.


We supply minerals to a wide variety of industries from glass to ceramics, agriculture to sports and leisure.


Our minerals are used in a vast range of applications, including water treatment, animal feeds, flame retardants and many more.


With over 200 production sites across the globe, we deliver an extensive portfolio of top quality minerals for an extensive range of applications.